Monday, April 16, 2012

Totally forgot I had a Keystation at home

Many, many years ago, I dabbled in music, and had this idea of learning the piano, so got a Keystation 61es for practice. Back home on hols and totally forgot about it >.>

Dragged it out today, and the semi-weighted keys felt like synth action keys. No matter, this is for practice anyways, and saves me time heading over to Yamaha or Cristofori to rent a piano for an hour.

Plugging it into my mac instantly had it running, though I could not get it to work with Garageband for some reason - had to use Logic. I also have a Roland DP-2 pedal, a cute little thing that works well in cramped areas.

In use, the semi weight keys were actually quite good, it definitely does have a fair amount of weight. As I type this, I'm feeling the workout my fingers got from it. Definitely does not have the weighted feel of the CP33, but in my newbie opinion, this is a pretty good set of keys for the money.

Looks like next time I come home, I need not bring along my Akai LPK25 anymore :)

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