Sunday, January 8, 2012

Got a Jamie Aebersold's Book 54: A Maiden Voyage

Been quite sick (literally) this week, and didn't get any sax time at all due to a horrid, horrid cough in addition to overall feverishness. Still feeling meh though most of it seems to be gone.

I was well enough for saxophone lessons yesterday, and was recommended I pick up Jamie Aebersold's Book 54: A Maiden Voyage. These are simplified versions of the tunes - though not as simplified the versions I'm playing from "Jazz Method For Saxophone" - and have a good description and choices of notes for improvisation (e.g. scales, chord notes are given - take your pick).

After the jazz academy course, I think my entire world has been thrown for a loop, going to re-plan out all my practice sessions - teacher went over what I had learnt in the jazz academy course, and pared them down so a music newb like me can understand, and also be able to make use in a practical sense, e.g. connecting chord notes with chromatic runs.

Go away sick, I want to begin this new journey.

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