Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sample Library Plans

Here I am, barely knowing any instrumentation, and already planning sample libraries. What can I say, I'm a sample junkie. It is a fact, given that I'm planning to acquire more samples when EWQLSO isn't even installed :P

Long Term Plans:
Base Orchestral Library: EWQLSO Gold
Epic Percussion: Drums Of War
Drum Kit: XLN Audio Addictive Drums + Jazz Paks
Woodwinds: VSL Special Edition Woodwinds (or Westgate)
Strings: LASS Lite
Brass: CineBrass
Double Bass: Spectrasonics Trilian
Guitar: Ilya Efimov*
Kontakt 5*

Would love:
Spirfire Audio's Albion
Spitfire Harp - nvm, actually I want all the public spitfire libraries.

The libraries I've put down are chosen for several reasons: I think they sound good, affordable (VSL Special Edition Woodwinds is 75 euros!!) and relatively resource friendly. I kinda choked after realizing I didn't have much disk space for EWQLSO.

*Actually I have little interest in the Kontakt libraries, BUT, several sample libraries (e.g. Wavesfactory, Imperfectsamples) out there need Kontakt 5, not the player, so it's almost a need. Plus, I have several libraries that I can crossgrade to Kontakt 5, hopefully one of their sales will allow crossgrades.

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