Sunday, February 19, 2012

Arrangement for the monthly sax ballad

More harmony practice, took about 6 hours for this >.> Every month Cafe Saxophone has a monthly ballad, the past few months I've made it a point to sequence the backing track on my own.

This month, the song chosen is "The End Of The World" by Arthur Kent and Sylvia Dee. I decided to use strings for my mids and bass to test out how they would work with the sax, as I really enjoyed the string/sax pieces from Art Pepper's Winter Moon.

On the other hand, this song did not feel right without the 12 beat rhythm, so instead of using a harmonic part for that, I put the rhythm section up to it. Planning to get a pair of latin shakers to record for the percussion.

Hopefully I will get my macbook back in time then I can put all of this into Logic.

One thing I really like about Musescore is that it highlights instrument ranges that are not available on actual instruments in RED, a feature that, from what I understand is not available on Finale Printmusic 2011 (which is what I have. And can't use with the macbook dead. hah.). 

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