Saturday, February 4, 2012

Piano Lessons

Had my first piano lesson this fine evening and it was a throughly illuminating experience. My tutor moved at a very fast pace (and omg, I played on a Yamaha C2 grand - frakkin' awesome), and covered alot of ground that I found extremely useful for future use with midi sequencing.

For example, legato playing on the piano requires the previous key to be held down even when the next note is being depressed. That directly translates to what I what I sequence in my daw, and which obviously I've been doing incorrectly for legato passages (i.e. no overlap between notes).

Other interesting stuff like the Una Corda and sostenuto pedal were covered, apart from actual playing. Which I sucked at sooo bad ;-)

Next up I need to get a proper keyboard to learn - on 49 keys, quite a few passages have hit the upper and lower limits, bloody annoying. 76 keys was recommended as a minimum, and I'd agree to that for safety's sake. I'd love 88 keys, and an easy choice is M-audio's Prokeys 88, if not for two reasons, physical size and cost.

The hunt begins.

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