Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bwa, notebook died.

The laptop that I dedicated to my music pursuits, a macbook pro, seems to have taken an arrow in the knee. The backlight tends not to switch on, and it's definitely booted up, as I can hear the volume control still working.

Annoying. Apart from a major annoyance of having to do homework on linux - which I have very little patience for its foibles - I also use that machine for my digital painting pursuits. Which again, the damned wacom tablet does not work on linux even after my ministrations.

Bwa, I say. Bwa.


  1. Oh No! more spending!!

    come to think of it, I am also working off a laptop! You got me seriously worried now. we all know how hardy laptops are, for prolong periods of work and no rest... :(

  2. Heng heng its still in warranty so ok, else right, the repair charges will be about £500++ >.> Going to get a mac mini for my main workstation when I'm back home.