Friday, June 1, 2012

Bought a Reverb

Been looking for an additional reverb (or two) and finally settled on EOS from Audio Damage. This is my first* 3rd party 'verb, and limited tests with Finale and applying it to my piano recording in the previous blog post proves that it is well worth the price.

Several other reverbs were considered, SKNote's Verbtone (could not get it to work), Valhalla Room (not my taste), Reverbs from Airwindows (not my taste either)

Price of course, is a big factor. There is no way I can afford a top of the line reverb like Aether or Lexicon's PCM Native. These verbs above ran the ~50 range, affordable.

Soundwise, EOS seems to give a pretty pleasing result, compared to Logic's platinum verb. Side by side, it's less metallic, but then again, I don't really know my reverb settings that well. I'd bet an experienced logic user can make me eat my words.

Another nice thing about a 3rd party 'verb is that I can use it with Finale when I'm scoring (ha, I said I'm scoring. What a joke :P). Space Designer, whilst kick ass only works within Logic. There is of course the AU Maxtrix reverb - which IMO is pretty darned good, but what can I say I'm a sucker for a pretty interface :)

EOS is an algorithmic reverb, one with a modulating tail. I am not sure if the algorithmic reverbs in Logic include modulation, and I think space designer, as a convolution reverb does not. So, nice thing to have.

The one thing I do miss from Platinum Verb and Space Designer is mix controls for the dry sound and reverb. In EOS, it's a straight up Mix parameter. For the moment it's ok as I do tend to send stuff to a reverb bus, but at times it is convenient to have the wet/dry mix on the reverb itself.

Ok back to work, as you may see I just wrote the melody line for my homework, now to fiddle with the harmony :)

*2nd actually, I bought verbtone months ago but it crashes on my system :-/

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