Friday, June 15, 2012

Wallander Instruments next?

Building up my library of legato capable instruments, and the next one I'm looking at is brass for jazz style stuff. (I'm sorted for strings.... for now, anyways).

Just tested out the trial version of WIVI Band, and I must say I do really enjoy the brass sounds. The saxes and flute in there, not so much. Oboe seems not bad but I was focusing mainly on the brass. Pricing is good, but I'm keen to find out how the upgrades work, can I upgrade to the orchestral and big band brass at a special price after getting WIVI Band?

Since I don't really have a budget for that at the moment, I'll pop them an email when I do have the budget. One of the videos they have about divis type playing on brass really intrigues me, it reminds me of the demos for VSL's Dimension Brass.

I am such a sample junkie.

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