Saturday, June 16, 2012

VSL Solo Strings Install

My my, this is going to be a fan boy post. Or maybe not, but I'd like to share my experiences installing VSL Solo Strings I last night.

Installation went *very* smoothly. VSL uses the eLicenser for copy protection, and installation of their control center software was a snap.

VSL wise, things were extremely straight forward; put in the license key on the vsl website, and I get an email with the authorization key. Enter the auth key into the control center, and we're ready to install the samples.

Installation was very long, more than an hour for the 4 dvds (damn you crappy mac dvd drive), but it went without a hitch, and the solo strings update also completed with nary a hitch.

VSL's sampler is simply fantastic. Load times were not too bad - considering I was streaming off an external FW drive, and the way the patches are grouped together in matrices make a whole lot of sense. Keyswitching, Velocity, Modwheel, even speed of playback can be used to determine which patches are played back. (videos here)

Going to take awhile to get used to this baby. Maybe it's time to spam the internet with horribly written string quartet pieces lol.

I've always read that the vsl samples are too dry - but after my experience with another library with baked in environment is that I'd much prefer to have my samples dry. It makes it so much easier to blend in a mix.

From my quick tests last night, EOS on the strings was very nice, and that was just using a plate preset.

Oh well, this sample junkie is signing off for today, I'll write more about my ocremix compo piece tonight when I'm back :)

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