Saturday, March 17, 2012

More piano try-outs.

Ok first, I'll tell you which is the best piano I tried today. The Yamaha Arius C71 (If I am not mistaken on the model). Felt really, really damned good, but sadly, it is priced way above my budget, and I simply have no space for a keyboard that size.

Frankly, I was quite amazed at how it felt, so similar to the grand at my teacher's place (I just had a piano lesson shortly before the piano tryouts). Interestingly, I tried the Yamaha P155, which supposedly used the same keyboard (Yamaha GH keys) and it didn't like the feel at all. How odd.

Comparing it to the P95 once again, the differences were very obvious. As is the price ;-)

Similarly, the stage pianos I tried (CP33, CP3, CP50) didn't have the feel of the Arius. Which is very surprising, as they use the same GH keybed.

I also tried out several Casio keyboards at Music Room, The CDP100, PX3 and PX330. These felt good, but there was just something "off" about them I could not describe.

Heading over to the next store (Rose Morris), I tried out Kawai, Korg and Roland. The Korg SP170S was unexpectedly good. Perhaps not as good as the Arius (different store), but the sounds were lush, and the touch sensitivity very good. Another one I really liked is the SP250, somewhat above my budget, and it also felt really good.

The one roland I did try, a Roland FP-4 had amazing feeling keys. Didn't play with it too long (£1k+ price tag - no point) but dang, that felt good.

So once again, more thinking to do.

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