Friday, March 30, 2012

The Wind, The Stars | Redux

For some reason, I didn't use the one "pro" sample library that I have, EWQL Symphonic Orchestra. And one of my friends suggested replacing the synthy choir sounds (his words, not mine :P) with perhaps a bass clarinet.

I gave that a go, and also tried out bassoons, clarinets and other deeper woodwinds, and did find the bass clarinet to be the best fitting.

This is also my first outing with Symphonic Orchestra, and apart from some interface issues with PLAY that I may want to spend time asking forums about, it all went quite smoothly. CPU time went up a bit, as well as ram usage, but on the whole it seemed very tame.

The flute does remind me of how a real flute reacts (from my limited flute experience) - cutting through the mix in the higher registers, and more mellow in the lower registers.

In the context of the song above though, I'm not convinced the flute works that well - in the higher register portion of the song, it feels very thin, while the lower notes do sound big, nice and fat.

Also fooled around with limiting, but decided to bypass it in the end as the mix sounded very forced.

Will do better next time!


  1. I like the overall sound of that piece from your last post, especially the flute, and the overall mix had more body. But thats just me. But nice mood!

  2. I agree! The EWQLSO sounds tend to have finer details, but the Logic sounds do have more body. Trade off, me thinks.