Friday, March 2, 2012

So, which keyboard? >.>

Just back from Chappels of Bond Street, testing out a few Yamaha keyboards within my budget - the Yamaha NP31 and Yamaha P95. The NP31 felt quite nice for a start, felt much better than my synth action keys. There was a Yamaha NV80 displayed below the NP31, and it actually didn't feel as good compared to the NP31, odd as it costs a fair bit more.

The P95 completely blew me away. So that's what a hammer action digital piano felt like. The hammer action keys really gave a sense of playing on a grand. Trying out the NP31 again, in relatively terms, it felt like a synth keys >.>

So here's the question: What am I trying to achieve with this piano learning journey. Do I want to learn the piano more on the side of sequencing or to one day play it as a secondary instrument?

It's not something I can actually answer right now.

Price wise, the P95 double that of the NP31... I'd have to save to get the P95 but I could stretch for the NP31.

More thinking is due.

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