Friday, March 23, 2012

So, Yamaha CP33?

Quite worn out today thanks to work, so decided to check out the Yamaha CP33 instead of working on harmony/theory during lunch. I'd tried it before, and I'm wondering why I did not like it then, because today I was like "DANG I WANT THIS PIANO!"

Only tested it via headphones, and I loved the Grand Piano 2 sound (GP1 sounds very distant). With the damper pedal down. Oh my god. The FF crystal theme sounded damned amazing.

Tried against the YDP-161, and CP50 (I think). Again, it's really odd, all of them use the same keybed supposedly, but I did not like the YDP161's - velocity curve felt odd - but someone could have messed around with those settings and I couldn't reset it. C50, felt much lighter.


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