Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Melodic Dubstep : Hikaru No Ookami by Gallen Wolf

Totally forgot to post this track! As a monthly challenge, me and another friend are choosing genres we've never worked on and composing for them.

I laid down the challenge of Dubstep, mainly because I really dislike dubstep.

And what better way to learn more about something you don't like than to research about it? Turns out that what I didn't like, is the modern, US Style dubstep, aka "Brostep".

However, the roots of dubstep are pretty awesome, and I actually enjoyed alot of the music I listened too, older stuff is pretty darned amazing (check out this blog post)

After much research, one particular sub genre of dubstep I really liked is Melodic Dubstep. One artist in particular, Blackmill, stood out from the crowd. I felt that apart from maintaining the roots of dubstep, the melody layered gives it alot of character and stands it out.

And here above is my attempt at Melodic Dubstep. Enjoy!

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