Sunday, July 29, 2012

Memories atop Point 56

Memories atop Point 56 by Gallen Wolf

Sat down and sequenced this piece for string quartet - before I go further I have to say I have no idea what a string quartet is - apart from what I read off Wikipedia :P

For this piece, I used two violins, with a viola and cello. For most of the song, it is 3 part harmony. The 2nd violin was used mainly to add texture by playing different articulations.

This is also my first outing with VSL Solo Strings I, as well as the new sampler player. The new player is really nice, it loads samples faster, provides visual feedback for alot of options like playing range, keyswitches. There is also a zebra2-ish kind of modular section where you can set controllers to modulate a specific control. Oh, there is now an algo style reverb built in as well.

EDIT: After much listening and comparing, I think my strings are much to up-close, a bit more reverb and eq to move them further back would sound preferable, I think.

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