Sunday, July 8, 2012

Why not linux?

I think this thread on vicontrol sums it up why musicians that use samples can't and don't use linux for their music. There are not enough tools, and developers mainly develop for osx and windows.

And even for developers that do develop a sample format that can be used on linuxSampler e.g. Ziron's Shreddage - to use this format means you give up some functionality.

From OcRemix:

Differences between SFZ and Kontakt:
If you don't own Shreddage yet and are deciding which version to buy, the comparison is fairly simple. Shreddage SFZ has most content from the Kontakt versions but does not have a scripted UI or true recorded legato (due to limitations of the SFZ format). Also, since there is not wide support for the modwheel in SFZ, we use keyswitches instead, which some may find less convenient. So, if you DO have Kontakt, you may consider that version to be the better option. However, the SFZ version has all other articulations, double-tracking, and the full range of round robins, so if you DON'T have Kontakt you are still getting the vast majority of both libraries! Shreddage Bass is the same deal, though it DOES actually have all content and legato scripting... just not the fancy UI of the Kontakt version.

Choose the best tool for the job at hand, I say.

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