Sunday, July 8, 2012

Orchestral Template Musings (AGAIN?!)

I've got sample libraries on the brain, what can I say. Some people are hooked on crack. Me, sample libraries. I'm like a pokemon trainer, I want to collect 'em all.

Well Berlin Woodwinds have been released recently, and whilst it is one amazing library in terms of sound and features, the price is simply out of the question for my needs.

Let's re-look at the template. As I've got Kontakt 5 on the way, and there is whole orchestral section that could be used instead of all my yammering here. As before, slash-thru text means I own that library.

Strings: LASS, VSL Solo Strings, EWQL Symphonic Orchestra
Winds: VSL or Wallander
Brass:  Wallander
Drums: Drums Of War, Addictive Drums
Choir: SoundIron Mars/Venus Choirs

There are a few other bits and pieces that I should consider, stuff like percussion - celestas, cowbells, marimbas, as well as harps (omg harps, I love harps :3), typewriters and more.

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