Sunday, July 8, 2012

Music Log : June 2012 : Don't Look Back

Finally got around to recording this piece :) Was supposed to be recorded earlier this month on a real steinway grand during a recital, but I had to fall ill >.>

I'm also using some outboard piano samples, specifically, the SampleTekk PMI Old Lady samples. The CP33 only has 3 samples per key, and the Old Lady's got supposedly 10 samples per key. So factor in the sustain samples (another 10) and release samples, waaay more dynamic range!

Next week, my copy of Kontakt 5 should arrive, and I think the Kontakt version should have additional functionality like resonance (saw some convolution impulse responses in the samples)

In other news, I'm still chugging along with lots of things. I'm transcribing a piece of VG music to do a cover - could download the midi straight from the usual midi websites but it's a ear training thing for my saxophone.

Still doing score reductions on Adagio for Strings

I have homework (more piano compositions) to finish up before my next composition class (Tuesday! Aieee!)

And also completing the dubstep comp I'm having with a friend :)

That's apart from the rest of the non-musical stuff I'm doing :P Ah, lack of a life :P

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